NVS365The problem with using different IP cameras from different manufacturers is that you often need a variety of software interfaces to connect to them all. Even if you can use Internet Explorer, then you will still end up with more than one user interface for you to learn, it's hard work and not very efficient.

The solution - By using the NVS365 Network Video Server, you can convert any CCTV camera into an IP-camera including PTZ domes and use the same easy to use client software to control them all. That means you can carry on using your favourite low light camera or your favourite PTZ but use the same software interface on a remote computer to view live pictures and control them all!*

The performance of the NVS365 is truly stunning enabling you to transmit REAL-TIME video and audio signal from any CCTV camera over an ADSL Internet connection or local area network (LAN). Using the very latest compression algorithm (a proprietary one derived from MPEG4), it uses the minimum amount of bandwidth giving great results far superior to many other video servers.

front of NVS365
Front View
rear of NVS365
Rear View

With “Video-motion-detection” built in, the NVS365 can even send out an “ALARM-IP” if it detects movement in the camera picture. The Alarm-IP works by sending an instant message to a computer anywhere in the world using its IP address to locate it. Alternatively you can use the built-in email alert feature to send off an email to the appropriate person. If you use a modern email provider like Yahoo you can then have the email instantly sent to your phone as an SMS text message!

Other features of the NVS365 include multiple PTZ protocol enabling it to control over 20 different types of PTZ camera effortlessly!